DDC MLS opens new offices in Serbia and employs 40+ people


DDC MLS opens new offices in Serbia and employs 40+ people

DDC MLS is a leading BPO company in Bosnia and Herzegovina with more than 1,900 employees. In 2021, the company decided to expand its operations in other countries, so they could continue to meet their growth goals – 300 new hires per year. They turned to People and Properties and Popcorn Recruiters for help with achieving this goal.

Conducting market research before expansion

After taking our partner’s needs and hiring goals, People and Properties team conducted initial market research that encompassed candidate availability, salary benchmarks, and competition research. The results showed that Belgrade is the best location for opening a new service center and offices.

Also, our market research included precise insights into the exact number of candidates speaking French, Dutch, and Nordic languages, their availability, expected salary and benefits, as well as the average termination notice period.

DDC Expands to Serbia: People and Properties Services

From office space acquisition to recruitment and staffing services, PnP team ensured, along with Popcorn Recruiters, that the expansion process goes smoothly.

During the course of three months, People and Properties worked on helping DDC find and negotiate new office space, while Popcorn Recruiters simultaneously worked on hiring 40 French, Dutch, and Scandinavian speakers.

In addition, People and Properties team assisted our client in hiring an accounting agency and getting the necessary equipment for employees.

The result

Today, we can proudly say that DDC MLS successfully expanded into a new market. The company is now officially registered in Serbia, boasts an attractive office space in Belgrade, has more than 55 employees, and plans to hire at least 150 new employees in their first year of operations in Serbia.

These remarkable results proved to DDC MLS headquarters in the UK that the Balkan region has significant potential and a vast talent pool after they expressed their concerns regarding talent availability in Bosnia.

Together, we are currently considering expansion into other countries and hiring for more complex job positions in the BPO industry using our proven strategies.

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