People and Properties Assist Popcorn Recruiters in Acquiring New Office Space in Sarajevo


People and Properties Assist Popcorn Recruiters in Acquiring New Office Space in Sarajevo

Popcorn Recruiters is a recruitment agency based in Sarajevo specializing in IT and BPO recruitment. Popcorn Recruiters team is also experienced in closing executive and overhead positions and business roles.

The company supports a diverse portfolio of international and local companies, from start-ups to global corporations. Popcorn Recruiters worked with some of the most influential companies, including AT&T, Webhelp, Rimac Automobili, Symphony, Infobip, Mistral Solutions, DDC MLS, and numerous others

In 2022, Popcorn Recruiters needed to acquire a new office space due to their business and team growth.

Finding Suitable Office Space

Popcorn Recruiters’ need for a new office space arose due to an increase in workload and projects. They required a larger workspace that could accommodate their expanding team and flexible design options that could be tailored to their specific needs.

The company sought reliable and experienced professionals to assist with the acquisition and fit-out of the new office space, ensuring that the transition would be smooth and successful.

Office Space Acquisition and Facility Fit-Out

Popcorn Recruiters choose the PnP team as their partner for setting

People and Properties provided Popcorn Recruiters with the services to help them successfully acquire new office space in an attractive location in the city center.

Through their expertise, the People and Properties team sourced properties that fit the criteria of the project, as well as offered guidance on how best to set up the facility in line with the client’s needs.

People and Properties also carried out all necessary paperwork and negotiations regarding the acquisition of the new space and arranged for expert fit-out services. This allowed their client to move into their new workspace quickly and efficiently.

The Result

The team from People and Properties successfully sourced, negotiated, and acquired office space for Popcorn Recruiters. The new office was designed to meet their requirements, with a great location in Sarajevo city center.

Popcorn Recruiters have since moved into their new workspace and are now looking forward to further developing their business in a new and exciting environment.

The strategic partnership between Popcorn Recruiters and People & Properties proved beneficial for both parties and ultimately allowed Popcorn Recruiters to secure a modern, productive workspace for their business. This office space will provide an optimum environment for their current as well as future needs and requirements.


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