Successful Expansion Practices of BPO Industries in B&H: Webhelp opens office in Sarajevo



BiH has emerged as a new hotspot for outsourcing services in recent years. Many international companies are flocking to the region to capitalize on the creativity and energy of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s talent pool including Webhelp, a leading BPO company.

The local sector continues to grow due to the steady flow of successful international companies, and the readily-available world-class human capital. Local companies, such as Popcorn Recruiters, help match talented individuals with these global leaders.

What does Bosnia and Herzegovina bring to the labor market?

Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to produce highly qualified, multilingual individuals who have highly transferable skills and are not reluctant to consider working in different sectors.

The youth segment is a particularly compelling aspect of this country. Not only are young people well-educated and capable, but they are also enthusiastic about working for foreign companies and serving international customers.

Global Bpo Leaders: choosing Bosnia and Herzegovina as an ideal location for business expansion

BiH might not be the most mature business services market in Europe, but in terms of untapped potential – it’s a European heavyweight.

International investors are attracted by this developing country’s favorable tax environment, strong fiscal incentives, great geo-strategic location, and, most importantly – talent availability and cost.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming increasingly recognized for its highly qualified, multilingual, and culturally savvy talent. Numerous international companies are already reaping the benefits of choosing BiH as their destination for expansion, and Webhelp is about to become one of them.

Webhelp, one of the leading BPO providers globally, opens a service center in BiH

Webhelp is a global partner that provides solutions that range from customer engagement, customer experience, and business process outsourcing to specialist outsourcing.

From sales to service, and content moderation to credit management, Webhelp delivers BPO services for digital champions and leading brands on their digital transformation journey. The company distinguishes itself with its technological excellence, as Webhelp leverages omnichannel, conversational AI, automation, advanced analytics, quality monitoring, and machine translation to enhance CX and spur client innovation.

The BPO leader chose Bosnia and Herzegovina as their next service center destination due to the country’s vast talent pool of German speakers in various positions – from customer service support to overhead positions such as HR & Legal and Site Manager.

What does it take to set up a service center in BiH?

In cooperation with Popcorn Recruiters, a specialized recruitment agency with a deep pool of IT and foreign-language speaking talent, Webhelp formed their first team in Sarajevo.

In less than three months, Popcorn Recruiters helped hire the first 40+ employees for Webhelp, including senior management, operations, and customer support and delivery positions.


Outsourcing business processes has become a popular business model in recent years. B&H has a lot to offer in terms of cost-effectiveness and high-quality services. One of the most important reasons for that is the talent pool available in the country.

Webhelp decided to expand its operations to B&H to capitalize on the talent pool available in the country. This global BPO leader teamed up with People & Properties, which provides business expansion services, and Popcorn Recruiters, a specialized recruitment agency. The joint effort between the Webhelp team and these two companies allo


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